More About Me

The core values that I cherish and aspire toward daily both in my personal life and in business are integrity, honesty, and accountability. I treat each client and real estate broker in my office as a personal friend. I believe that my ethical standards are evident to all those who work with me. After managing Strategy Real Estate Inc for over 20 years, many experiences I have gained in running the business have given me a unique skill set. I am skilled in contracts, budget management, leadership, driving for results, process improvement, and, above all else, caring about people. I am passionate about my Christian faith, relationship building, helping people navigate real estate transactions, the local community, teaching children, and spending time with my family. I am the Past President of the Board of the Puget Sound Rental Association (PROA), I was the Treasurer on the Board of the National Association of Property Managers (NARPM), and I have been on the Board of the Independent Brokers Association (IBA) for 6 years. In these roles, I have been able to help streamline the organizations and the processes and procedures. I am known for working with groups to help get decisions made. I am a person who keeps the focus on the big picture and thoughtfully considers the views and opinions of others. I am an ideas person and I am always brainstorming the best ways to approach issues. I am also passionate about kids. I served as a board member for a local school and I have been a youth basketball coach for 5+ years. I feel strongly about mentoring children, thus giving future generations confidence and teamwork skills. Please call me for all your real estate needs.